Spring Lawn Maintenance in Camberley |
Lawn Renovation Services to Rejuvenate Your Landscape After Winter

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Has your grass suffered over the winter? Does it need some TLC to improve its condition and appearance? Love That Lawn is here to help. Lawn maintenance and care, and even lawn renovation, are essential parts of spring garden maintenance to prepare your space for summer. In this guide, we explain how our team can rejuvenate your lawn and the services you should not miss in spring, such as lawn scarification and lawn aeration.

Love That Lawn is based in Sandhurst, near Camberley, and the surrounding areas we cover include Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey.

Remember, a healthy lawn doesn’t happen by itself! It is important to address lawn issues as soon as possible to stop them getting worse.

Lawn Maintenance

After months of wet, cold and harsh weather, your lawn is probably looking thin and less than its best. Winter conditions and a lack of lawn care over the colder months can lead to a range of issues which affect the look and overall health of grass. For example, moss thrives in mild winter conditions and can infest lawns in Camberley and the surrounding areas.

We recommend the following lawn maintenance and care services for spring:

  • tuft

    Lawn scarification to remove thatch and moss

  • tuft

    Lawn aeration to improve air flow and drainage and to allow nutrients to reach roots

  • tuft

    Apply pre-seed fertiliser to create the best foundation for new growth

  • tuft

    Sow grass seeds to thicken the lawn, if required

Lawn Renovation

Sometimes, a specialist lawn renovation service is needed to return landscapes to good condition. This is something Love That Lawn provides customers in Camberley and the surrounding areas.

A lawn renovation is generally the best option if your lawn has lots of bare patches, weeds and moss. The process is a combination of our maintenance services, including killing moss and weeds, lawn scarification, top dressing, seeding and feeding.

Lawn Care

Lawn maintenance and care doesn’t end in spring. To keep your lawn looking its best, it is important to carry out lawn care throughout the year, and to tailor maintenance to the specific needs of your lawn.

To make lawn care as hassle-free as possible, we invite customers in the Camberley area to make use of our lawn maintenance contracts. We undertake a range of lawn treatments during the year to improve and maintain your grass. Among other things, this can include lawn aeration, which we recommend for certain lawn types at least once a year.

Please call 07780 221731 for lawn maintenance services in Camberley and the surrounding areas.