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The Advantages of Lawn Aeration, Maintenance, Renovation, and Scarification

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At Love That Lawn, we’re dedicated to creating outdoor spaces that uplift homeowners in Fleet and the surrounding areas. We specialise in lawn maintenance and care, including lawn aeration, lawn renovation, and lawn scarification. On this page, we look at the many benefits our services offer clients, and we’re always happy to discuss these further with you. 

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Lawn Aeration

Thins Out Thatch Below the Surface

Over time, organic material accumulates just below the grass surface, forming a layer known as thatch. Aeration allows better nutrient and oxygen penetration.

Encourages Root Development

By aerating your lawn, you promote root growth. Roots can access nutrients, water, and air more effectively, leading to stronger, healthier grass.

Improves Water, Nutrient and Air Access

Our lawn aeration service enhances the soil structure, allowing essential elements to reach the roots.

Relieves Soil Compaction

Compacted soil restricts root growth and water absorption. Aeration loosens the soil, making it easier for roots to spread.

Enhances Drought and Disease Resistance

Well-aerated lawns cope better with dry spells throughout the summer and are less susceptible to diseases.

Lawn Maintenance

Regular Mowing

Consistent mowing at the right height encourages lateral growth and discourages the development of weeds.

Professional Soil Testing

Our team at Love That Lawn can carry out regular soil tests to determine the best lawn care practices for the future. 

Fertilisation and Overseeding

Properly timed fertilisation provides essential nutrients for grass health, and introducing new seeds also ensures a lush density. 


Adequate and consistent watering keeps your Fleet-based lawn hydrated and vibrant. This is an essential aspect of lawn maintenance and care.

Pest Management

Addressing the issues of pests promptly prevents damage to your lawn and the surrounding flowers and shrubs.

Lawn Renovation


Overseeding with fresh grass seed can revitalise sparse or worn-out lawns, thickening the turf and improving its appearance.


Applying a thin layer of soil or compost will level out uneven areas and improve soil quality across your lawn.

Bare Patches

The sign of an unloved lawn, repairing these spots revitalises sparse-looking areas. This can be achieved by reseeding or laying new turf. 

Weed Removal

As part of our lawn renovation services, we’ll remove persistent weeds to create a healthier lawn.

Soil Improvement

Adding organic matter to the soil in any garden will enhance its overall structure and nutrient content.

Lawn Scarification

Encourages Airflow and Light Penetration

By carrying out scarification, air and sunlight can reach the roots, promoting growth and photosynthesis.

Reduces Thatch Buildup

Thatch accumulation prevents essential elements from reaching the roots. Scarification helps reduce this, enhancing nutrient flow.

Improves Drainage

Lawn scarification breaks up compacted soil, allowing water to penetrate more easily and keeping the grass healthier.

There’s nothing we don’t know about lawn maintenance and care, and our team at Love That Lawn is on hand to offer advice and share our knowledge. After all, it’s our job to ensure you love your lawn. 

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