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If you want to take care of your lawn but don’t have the time or green fingers, why not call in the professionals? Love That Lawn specialises in caring for domestic lawns in Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey, offering a full process to keep your lawn green and healthy all year round. Having been providing lawn maintenance and care since 2011, our company has built a reputation as a trusted and knowledgeable lawn care specialist in the Camberley, Sandhurst, and Fleet areas, and across Berkshire, Surrey and Hampshire. You can view the gallery of our completed projects to view our quality work.

Our maintenance service is available on a yearly contract basis. This is because we follow a six-step treatment programme which spans from spring to winter.

As a company committed to delivering first-class results, we use the best equipment and products for all aspects of lawn maintenance. In addition, our team will inspect your lawn before undertaking any work to ensure we provide the most effective solutions for your property. While our maintenance programme is often appropriate, we may recommend a lawn renovation or lawn aeration depending on the condition of the grass.

Six-Step Treatment Programme

Our lawn care process includes a range of services, from weed removal and drainage improvement to overseeding and feeding. Our proven lawn maintenance and care programme spans the whole year to optimise lawn condition throughout the seasons.

A healthy lawn doesn’t happen by itself. Here is an overview of our treatment programme to improve the appearance and condition of your Sandhurst, Camberley, or Fleet lawn:


We undertake scarification to remove moss and thatch. We also apply a pre-seed fertiliser and specially designed seed to aid successful germination.

Early Summer

After determining the correct type, we apply non-scorch granular fertiliser which will continue improving the condition of your grass.


We spray the lawn with a selective weed killer as well as liquid feed.

Late Summer

Time for a top-up granular treatment to maintain condition and help prevent weeds.


A further application of fertiliser to build a strong, healthy root system. We also tackle any remaining weeds.


We use a liquid treatment to control any moss and green-up the grass. This treatment toughens the turf so it will stay green through the winter.

The exact lawn maintenance and care process can vary depending on your contract and overall lawn condition. For example, we may also provide aeration, watering, additional overseeding and topsoil.

Love That Lawn is happy to provide a consultation and quote for your lawn in Sandhurst, Camberley, Fleet, or any of the surrounding areas.


Overseeding may be needed if you have experienced a serious problem with moss and your lawn is displaying various bare areas. A thick and healthy grass sward is the only answer to the issues weeds and moss cause.

If you want a thick, dense lawn, we recommend overseeding regularly to replace ageing plants. We carry out overseeding in late winter, early spring or autumn, particularly after scarification, aeration or top dressing.

Lawn Dressing

Top dressing should be the basis of every lawn care plan because it provides so many benefits. Top dressing is a type of soil amendment which involves adding organic matter to the lawn, along with the beneficial microorganisms found in compost. This can improve soil biology.

We can also modify drainage and soil structure by top dressing with corrective materials like sand. In addition, top dressing on a regular basis can smooth out bumps in the lawn which are often caused by animals, pets or children. It also encourages dense, lush growth.

In short, top dressing acts as a natural fertiliser, helps reduce lawn stress and helps keep thatch under control.

Many lawn care professionals argue that top dressing with compost is the most beneficial lawn maintenance and care practice. For even better results, we can add seed with top dressing.

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